Adelmac surprises international market with audacious collection

New brand of the company Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda intends to innovate the sector of funeral coffins and accessories, providing the market with different models and multiple customization options of the final product.

ADELMAC was the name chosen to represent the new brand of the renowned Portuguese company Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda. The name was inspired by the name of Adelino Macedo, great-grandfather of Pedro Macedo, CEO of the company, and symbolizes the spirit of innovation, courage and determination of the person who was one of the icons in coffins manufacture in Portugal. After identifying that the international market was becoming more and more receptive to the products they manufactured, Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda decided to start a rigorous internationalization process. To do this, they created ADELMAC, an insignia that takes across borders not only the articles they produce, but also the dream of a family, that goes from generation to generation.

The brand introduces itself with different models, among which are the classics: Coimbra, Porto and Lisboa, divided into three ranges: Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Each one of them responds to different target audiences, being differentiated, essentially, by the quality of the raw materials and by the type of finishes that they integrate.

The Adelmac’s options also include coffins with different types of opening, following the nomenclature commonly used in Portugal: Tampa, Braga and Altar.

Pedro Macedo, CEO of the company, believes that “this new brand will stand out for its sophisticated personality and because it comes as a result of a work that has already been done by Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda for several years.”

The entrepreneur also points out that “the quality of the products and the production process speak for themselves. The client of this segment is generally very attentive and demanding, evaluating all the details before submitting an order and, in this filed, we are very comfortable.”

This way, the end of 2017 was marked by the appearance of this new brand – ADELMAC – in a segment that is still very traditional, both in Portugal and even in the rest of the world. In this context, this new approach may be crucial for the development and modernization of funeral and coffins industry on a global scale.