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Innovation is a fundamental part of our evolution to better respond to our customers' demands.


Responding to the demand for our products, we ensure delivery to international customers.

Since 2014

Keeping it's tradition, Adelmac continues to maintain quality standards from generation to generation.

Reference in the production of Coffines and Funeral Accessories

We are a reference in the production of funeral coffins and accessories. The quality of the materials and finishes, as well as the design of the models we offer, are our greatest factors of differentiation.

We operate according to values that we consider essential – quality, accuracy and transparency. We believe that this is the only way to win our clients trust.

Based in Portugal since 2014, as Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda, the brand ADELMAC was introduced to the market in November 2017. The name was inspired by Adelino Macedo, great-grandfather of the company’s CEO, Pedro Macedo, and intends to honor a man who marked a generation by the pioneering and visionary way of manufacturing coffins. Using this name also gives continuity to the family business, which has passed from generation to generation.

ADELMAC‘s main goal is to boost the business, namely out of the country, through a strong bet on internationalization actions. It also intends to innovate in a traditional sector, aiming to achieve the harmony between experience and innovation.

We are prepared to follow the technological and industrial development that the market needs. We are also committed to investing in research and development (R & D) activities, as well as the use of environmentally friendly and high performance materials.

Although most of our production is absorbed by the Portuguese market, foreign markets also show a growing attention in our products. We have been exporting regularly to Angola, for several years. We are, now, entering the European market, namely in France, Italy and Germany under the name ADELMAC.

A brand of Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda.

We are a reference company in the production of coffins and funeral accessories. We export our products to several countries in Europe.

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A traditional business “out of the box”

Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda, a Portuguese company, based in Marco de Canaveses, launches a new brand, Adelmac, for internationalization.

ADELMAC: innovation combined with tradition

Urnas Macedo Unipessoal Lda. - a Portuguese company, based in Marco de Canaveses - formally launches a new brand, ADELMAC, in response to the growing demand from the foreign market.

The economy as a disruptive catalyst for the family business market

The family business is inserted in the market, normally receptive to the private initiative and which is characterized by a multiplicity of factors.


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